Schnitzel Friday 1

October Schnitzel Friday

The 2017 Schnitzel Friday schedule continues on Friday October 27. Please join us at Hansa Haus – lunch or dinner – for Schnitzel Friday.


September 2017

President’s Report

Was that really Canada’s Sesquicentennial summer that flew past in a blink? Now we welcome the cooler and colourful fall days.

We have many great events scheduled at Hansa Haus. Please plan early, and secure your tickets so that you don’t miss out. We are are planning to have the German Spring Show here at the Hansa Club again during March 2018. We are working with Donau Schwaben Club to make our Schlachtfest a greater success.

The facilities require more tender loving care now. We had the main hall floor refinished, some maintenance done on the HVAC, and will be purchasing new drink glasses to replenish our stock.

I would like thank all the volunteers who donate their time to the Hansa Club. Many of you assist us: those who are visible at our volunteer events; and others whose precious time and skill is in the background. We owe all of you a big “thank you” for giving to the club.

Many small details, personalities, personal issues, and old issues distract the Board. We manage to keep the club operating. We are a hands-on Board; members have many tasks assigned to them which requires a fair bit of time which they devote to the Club.

We are facing some challenges, primarily that the City wants to extend Vera Drive from Hurontario to Martiz Drive. As members who visit the club can see, the developer has not yet started the road. The club property lost some trees this spring, and also the income we had received from the billboard, which is now gone. We will keep you posted of any new developments.

Like many European ethnic clubs of our vintage, Hansa Haus is coming to a fork in the road where we face some decisions on the shape of the club’s future. We will present two options at membership meeting for the future of the club. Details on these options are in the Hansa Post and will be presented and voted on at the Fall General meeting.

We also invite you all to visit our Weihnachtsmarkt/Christmas Fair from November 10 to 12. The Hansa kitchen will serve food and refreshments in the Schenke all three days. We will also serve a pancake breakfast for the early birds on the Saturday and Sunday mornings, starting at 8:00am. Please come and join us to really get into the holiday spirit in traditional German style.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we welcome our new members; wish a speedy recovery to members that are ailing and offer our sincere condolences to families who have lost a loved one.

It is an honour to serve as President of the GCC Hansa and I thank all of you for your support.

President’s March 2017 Report

More than 200 at 2017 Jaegerball

It was a great turnout of members and guests. Fun was had by all.  Thanks to  the Hunters for a great decorating job with all the different trophies and more.  The Golden Keys kept the guests on the Dance floor.  We hope to see you at the 2018 Jaegerball/Hunter’s Ball.

The Hansa Haus Annual General Meeting was held Sunday March 19 at the Club. The membership elected the club’s 2017-18 officers and executive for the coming year.

Our refreshed Hansa Haus web site is frequently viewed, as it should be. Gradually, our activities, information and history are being transferred to this state-of-the-art web site. Most days, it attracts between 50 and 75 views. Near the weekend, our members check it more frequently, with between 75 and 100 daily views during and leading to the weekend.

Our paper version of Hansa Post, in PDF format, is also posted on this web site. You can find it under Info > Member News on the menu, or by clicking (or touching) the link in this paragraph. Many of the reports from that version of Hansa Post are, or shortly will be, incorporated into this web site. Click for the February 2017 President’s Report.

I’m hoping to use some of the powerful functionality built into our new website to be able to keep in touch with members more frequently. Once you have an account on the web site, not only can you receive e-mailed messages about events and news, you’ll be able to comment (for a period after the message is posted) as well.

New website 3

A new Hansa Haus website!

Welcome to the new Hansa Haus web site. This site looks great on your computer or laptop, and renders beautifully on your Android or iPad tablet, as well as on your mobile phone as well.

Latest news

  • Hansa Haus members can get the latest club news from the front page of the web site;
  • You will notice a slight change in the Hansa Haus domain name: it is now The old domain of still works perfectly, and takes you to this page;
  • The site’s new functionality will shortly enable members to receive e-mail notifications of news and events;
  • Members will have the ability to offer comments after a post has been published.

Events list

The new Events page will allow members to see upcoming club events. The Events page automatically removes an event after it has taken place, so the Events page will be as up-to-date as its data input allows.